issue i
table of contents

editor’s note


Bryan Jones | “Easy Targets”

Salvatore Difalco | “Making Pizza with Cousin Pauly”

Nathan Alling Long | “Ava”

creative nonfiction:

Lenny Owens | “Seaweed”

Virginia Chase Sutton | “Devolution of a Scent”

Ann Kelly | “Angie”

Jane Andrews | “Dear Poetry Editor Andrews”

Nancy Levinson | “The Year I Volunteered in a Third Grade Class”


Anthony Santulli | “Heat Setting”, “Station to Station”

Jonathan Andrew Perez | “Justice II”

Guinotte Wise | “Couch”, “Hay”

Nels Hanson | “The Turning Year”

Mary O’Melveny | “An Apple in her Hand”

Ben Westlie | “On Wanting to be a Witch”

Tom Daley | “Aphorisms for Illness”

Ross Tugade | “Ode to the Ground”

Ted Morissey | “Pilgrim”

Emily Hoover | “Speak”

Sam Kendall | “Apples”, “Myths”, “Late at Night I Remember the Trinity”

Jae Dyche | “The Clot”, “A Bird in the Cedars”

cover art by Sophia pekkanen