jonathan andrew perez 

Justice II

The indigo: hard to grapple with these desires, needs
resigned to predicted outcomes, a force
that scuttles between winters. An approaching noisy
family, it is a tendency that scared them downstream
of the afternoon to submit to purple stratosphere,
the magnified gasp over a slated skyline.

Teal flocks nestle in solitary ponds, tide low,
bob-huts against the wind. Exposed fiddler crabs
travel displaced
along corner-marshes, pursuing some
predicament of shuttle-buses
and appeasing notions of King’s Point water table,
they return—the inventory, where were we in reunion
self-seeking, dishonest, frightened perennial

It is a brotherly appeal that cries
reaching out for help over invisible rivers.

Jonathan Andrew Pérez, Esq. has published poetry in Prelude, The Write Launch, Meniscus Literary Journal, Rigorous Literary Journal, Metafore Magazine, The Florida Review’s Latino/Latinx publication, Panoply Magazine, Paradigm, Mud Season Review, Watermelanin, Cold Mountain Review’s Justice Issue, Yes Poetry, and was featured in Silver Needle Press’spoem of the week.  He has poems forthcoming in the Westchester Review, Junto Magazine, the Raw Art Review, Pamplemousse, and Swimming with Elephants.  Jonathan was selected by The Virginia Quarterly Review 2018 for a workshop with Jericho Brown and Cave Canem, respectively.