thank you for your interest in
the tiny journal!

please send all application materials to:

*due to budgetary constraints we are currently unable to pay our staff*

open positions:


prose and poetry readers

responsibilities of prose and poetry readers: 

  • read through assigned prose submissions carefully, noting if there are any minor changes (grammar mistakes, etc.) that need to be made prior to publication
  • in a two to three sentence explanation, tell prose or poetry editor why submission should be accepted or rejected


  • a love of reading and writing
  • knowledge of grammatical rules and elements

if interested, please send the following to

  1. your first and last name
  2. which position(s) you are applying for
  3. a paragraph explaining why you think you would be a good fit for the position, including a summary of any writing accomplishments like publications, acceptance to summer programs, competitions, etc.
  4. a short writing sample (1-2 pages) (the writing sample can be a work of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, essay, memoir, journalism article--whatever is your best work)